Note: This post is written in a firmly tongue-in-cheek manner. I have used Hindi. And I have also not linked to profiles of these people. Google karo if you don’t know them


People I am super jealous of (and I don’t get jealous often thanks to being super self obsessed)

A thread

Please inko tag na kare. Just follow them if you want

1/ Bill Gurley

kya sochta hain. kya likhta hai. upar se suna hain poker bhi khelta hain. amazing stud insaan. mera sapna hain inke jaisa smart banna

ye padho: All Revenue is Not Created Equal: The Keys to the 10X Revenue Club

2/ Elad Gil

sab blog posts padh chuka hu inka. simple likhte hain. hawabaazi nahi. inka book high growth handbook is also amaze

ye padho: 10X your business

3/ Avichal Garg

kaafi smart launda hain. ek XY graph se career gyaan summarise kar paa raha then samajh jao

ye padho: autonomy vs impact

4/ Julie Zhuo

kya sochti hain ye insaaan. waah waaah out of sight out of mind pe ye: What you see is what you use

conflict resolution pe ye: 5 hard questions to ask yourself during a conflict

inko apna mentor bana pata to dhanya ho jaata

5/ Delian Asparouhov

Keith rabois ka bhateeja (not literally)

aisa mahaan insaan ke sath baithke gyaan leta hain fir unke teachings summarise karta hain: Lessons from Keith Rabois Essay 3: How to be an Effective Executive

Founder’s Fund mein Principal hain. 25 ka hoga launda

6/ Ameet Ranadive

kya book summaries likhte hain ye: Pyramid Principle

gyaan bhi mast dete hain: 5 ways to get your promoted

ex product director instagram

7/ Hunter Walk

kabhi stud PM raha karta tha. now VC

banda full bakchodi karta hain twitter pe. but kaam mein bhi stud. seems like such a nice funny chap inspite of killing it in his career

ye padho: Spend Time with A+ People in Other Industries

8/ Mike Isaac aka rat king

superpumped ka author. grade a fun bakchod guy on twitter. ab superpumped HBO show banna wala hain. true inspiration

read his book on Uber if you have not already

9/ Chamath

Chamath to chamath hain aur kya bolu

baller dude hain. poker bhi khelta hain

ye padho: chamath’s archive

10/ Eugene Wei

i am so jealous of this guy! banda duniya ke best companies mein kaam kiya. log ek cool concept nikaal nahi paate ye bhaisahab blogging world aake status as a service and invisible asymptote pel diye


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