I sent this long message to Aristos, Apollo and Lumos (3 Whatsapp groups) on 13th December


  • More than 50 requests/applications (at last count) came for this experimental program. My initial plan was to only select 3 people who I know well from Twitter + have some product experience. But I realised that would not be fair. Hence I ended up saying Yes to ~20 people out of ~50. Saying YES to you meant saying NO to 30+ people. 20 people can’t be mentored through 1 group. Hence I have divided people into 3 groups
  • Aristos (Batch 1): Have read Crack the PM interview, some already have some PM experience, need more focused guidance and structured training to reach next level, applied/DMed early. My expectation is that people in this group will take this as a P0 and not something they are doing on the side with 5 other things. Will get more 1-1s as well as sessions. Has 5 people. We had a 2 hour call yesterday and people have already got assignments/things to read before our next call Batch size wont change
  • Apollo (Batch 2): Probably have not read Crack the PM interview or appeared in PM interviews. Have idea about Product Management, but not immediately looking for a PM role. Maybe even don’t know what RCA, User stories, P0 bugs, Usability testing, AARRR etc means. OR Just got unlucky, applied late and could not make it to Aristos. Has 5 people. Batch size wont change
  • Lumos (Batch 3): Applied late and could not make it to Aristos and Apollo. OR People who just want to learn/get started with product management, not into active job search mode, are not willing/can’t put in the hours that Aristos and Apollo folks will Has ~10 people

  • The next batch of Aristos and Apollo will come from these folks if they do well
  • If you want to put in more hours, do more assignments, want more mentorship and fast track this course then you can always move up batches
  • In a similar way if you think things are moving too fast then you can always move to a batch which suits your pace of learning/effort you are willing to put in
  • Note: PM at a good company is one of the toughest jobs to get. You get grilled on strategy, prioritization, day to day management of a team, design, data, customer research, tech during interviews. So we will need to prepare accordingly
  • Hence if you are not attending sessions/doing assignments regularly then you will be asked to move down a batch or will be requested to leave. Because there will be someone else who deserves your place and willing to put in the required hours Also this is a volunteering thing for me and we don’t owe each other anything :)
  • All the best


With this I started the first 3 batches for my experimental PM coaching program. Experimental because I am just doing it as a one off thing for free. I wanted to do something good for the world and this was my way of helping people who wanted to get into Product but had no clue how to

Note: I did not send the message in bullet points. I am not a psychopath. The formatting was getting messed up in markdown. So had to turn it into this format for better readability

I am sharing the study plan for Aristos here because a few people DM’ed me asking for the same

Topics we will cover in this program:

  • Behavioral
  • Design
  • Case studies
    • Guesstimates
    • GTM
    • Strategy
    • Marketing
  • Data
  • Strategy
  • Prioritisation/Roadmapping
  • Tech

Session 1 (Kick Off + Get started in Design and Behavioral) (2 weeks study plan)

Date: Thursday 12th December

  • Prepare a list of companies you want to apply to (tier 1, tier 2, tier 3) (3 days)
    • At least 1 from each
    • Prepare questions from glassdoor
    • Understand the process in and out
    • Look for specific tips
    • Research the company well
  • Have a ready made list of tips for Interviews so that you don’t make the mistakes people have made already (2 days)
  • Watch product school videos from PMs of (- 3 hours)
    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
    • Google APM
  • Prepare NSTAR for behavioral questions. Have at least 20 stories ready across all +ve/-ve traits (1 day)
    • Leadership/Influence/ownership
    • Teamwork
    • Success
    • Challenges
    • Things you regret
  • Artiom Dashinsky Product Design weekly exercises (3 hours)
    • First 2 Product exercises
  • Learn 2 Frameworks (1 hour)
    • Circles method
    • Framework given in Crack the PM Interview
  • Complete Crack the PM Interview (1 week)

Session 2 (Become better in Design and Behavioral) (3 weeks study plan)

Date: Thursday 19th December

Session 3 (Get started in Data and Case Studies) (2 weeks study plan)

Date: Friday 27th December

Session 4 (Storytelling, Throwback to Behavioral) (4 weeks break after this)

Date: Sunday 5th January

  • Started the session with 2 hours of practice with behavioral questions
    • Refer to this doc and go through all the answers again
  • Practice storytelling
    • Practice your behavioral interview answers
      • Practice in front of the mirror
      • Practice with your study group
    • Record and play back the audio to check flow
    • Incorporate all the feedback given during the session in your behavioral answers

Session 5 (Become better in Data and Case Studies (3 weeks study plan)

Date: Tuesday 5th February

To be Continued..