A lot of people in the past have asked me for a list of tools we use here at CouponDunia for our product development and growth efforts. Here is a list of the same (I have divided the tools into categories) :

Attribution and Analytics

We use Tune(Earlier MAT) and Localytics here for CouponDunia Apps.

The other options are Apsalar, AppsFlyer, Adjust etc.

We use Localytics because Tune is not an authorized partner of Facebook. So to track facebook marketing campaigns and measure their ROI we selected Localytics. Also Google Analytics was pretty bad earlier and Localytics doubled up as an Analytics tool.

Localytics can also track Push Notification funnels if tied with Parse (A Push Notification tool).

You can export all the Localytics data to Redshift (Data warehouse) and you don’t need to set up another data pipeline for mobile at least. This is useful for long term reporting and we are building a solution like that here at CouponDunia.

For CashBoss we use Apsalar. It is a partner with Facebook and Twitter and also supports all major ad networks.

For Analytics we (CashBoss) prefer to use Google Analytics (GA). The mobile analytics version has become comparable to their Desktop version. GA is also getting its own complete attribution solution which will let people run install campaigns and measure them through GA directly without having to use another attribution solution.

For crashes and real time analysis we use Crashlytics. Their Analytics Dashboard is cool and Developers get notifications in case of crashes.

For Facebook Attribution you need to ship their SDK with the App. And the numbers would be reflected in the Facebook dashboard as well as the panel of any partner Facebook has tied up with. Example Apsalar, Localytics. Facebook is also getting into attribution soon (like Google) and app developers will be able to run campaigns on other ad Networks using Facebook SDK and panel.

Engagement and Retention (Ratings/Customer Support + Push Notifications + Email Marketing)

These are the outbound marketing options which are available for an app today to get engagement on their apps.

I have already mentioned Apptentive in my blog post on how to improve app ratings. It is a great tool for faster customer requests response and will help immensely in boosting your ratings.

We (Coupondunia Apps) use Parse for sending push notifications. It helps you send targeted push notifications by segmenting users. Another advantage being the ability to send pushes to both Android as well as iOS from a single dashboard.

There are other tools too like Urban Airship. We are trying to slowly move towards building our own in house push notification solution for CouponDunia having tried it out for CashBoss already. Instead of sending requests to Parse like in case of CouponDunia we directly send requests to GCM.

For email marketing we use SendGrid.

We use Hotjar for setting up heatmaps, visitor recordings etc for our CouponDunia website. We are planning to go live with a similar solution soon for our apps. Best on my research Appsee and Appanalytics.io seem like the best options.

PlayStore Optimization + Competitor Analysis

I have been using SimilarWeb as well as AppAnnie for keeping an eye on Competitor apps as well checking our own trends (Play Store rankings, keyword rankings etc).

SensorTower is another great tool for Play Store keyword analysis.

You can try Addons Detector which detects addons used by various applications installed on your Android phone.

Stackshare is helpful for discovering other company’s entire software stack.

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