I have been sharing my goals publicly for quite some time now

Some people feel that sharing your goals lead to a feeling of accomplishment and you drop the ball on them. I have had the opposite experience. Holding myself accountable publicly has always helped me stay focused and achieve my goals. Keeping that in mind I shared my personal OKRs on Twitter during the beginning of the year. The tweet got quite popular and a lot of people shared their OKRs with me and kept updating their own progress over time, example this one by Nirant around Finance

Without further ado, here are the Objectives I set for myself this year and progress on each of the KRs

Personal OKRs 2019 part 1

Personal OKRs 2019 part 2 If you want to learn more about OKRs, here is a post which might help: Summary of Measure What Matters

Next time someone asks for an OKR template I will just link them to this post :)