Here is a guide on how to create your own anonymous life/fitness advice account on social media; what I call the Life Math Money guide:

  1. First question you should ask is How would you get distribution. Here distribution means how to do you access to potential followers. My advice would be to start replying to accounts like naval, the cortez guy, that boxer guy, or kasireddy. If You follow one of these accounts, you will know who the rest of the folks are.

  2. Start summarising whatever they say. Since naval’s is done, I would create a fan account/site of kasireddy or the boxer guy. Key is to get noticed by them. Start putting their quotes on a standalone site. It is the best investment you would make. Interview them and put it out. Key is to massage their ego. With time you would form and relationship with them and they would be more than willing to share your content. If they have 50K followers your goal should be to get at least 20% of their followers.

  3. Remember: Most people are mimetic and are looking for people to tell them what to do. So pick a strong opinion and start sharing the same ideas again and again. Be the anti vegan girl. Or the gun boy. Life Math Money is one account I used to always see in comments section of naval’s tweets.

  4. You don’t need original thoughts. You can start sharing generic quotes. Quote tweet other influencers.

  5. But generic thoughts are plenty. So you need to pair generic thoughts with a strong opinion on something controversial as mentioned above. It can be pro guns, anti vegan or plain misogyny. For Life Math Money it is the third.

  6. The more hate you draw the more followers you will get.

  7. Start signalling to your tribe. Talk about how men are becoming beta. How men used to be strong in the past. Again, remember that a lot of people on social media are just looking up to you for confirmation bias. They already hate women. Or vegans.

  8. Slowly and slowly you will attract a bunch of stupid followers who will enjoy everything controversial you say. They will fight with people who disagree with you.

  9. Remember to have a good display photo. Put Chanakya’s. It will make you exotic for white incels, while also helping you connect with your desi brothers. Don’t worry, No one has read Chanakya Niti.

  10. Time to grow your followers. Start blogging about generic fitness advice like: How to do pushups. Just copy random shit from the internet. There are like 100000 guides already on how to do push ups.

  11. Start selling random fitness guides. Or life advice guides. Tell people how to be Alpha like you.

  12. Remember to have some pseudonym like Harsh Strongman. The name Strongman is Macho. No one will bother to verify if you are actually a ultra fit 25 year old or just a 22 old obese chutiya living with your parents.

  13. TBH if I was super vella in life I would just do this as an experiment and see how many months it takes me to gain 10K followers. But then again there are better things to do in life and I am not jobless (yet) :)

Note: This post can be used as a guide to become prominent on any social media platform. I have seen so many people on Twitter/Quora become famous just by associating themselves with famous twitter personas (VCs/ entrepreneurs). They would constantly tweet at popular accounts. They would always be the first one to reply positively to any new tweet by influencers. And by riding the wave of these popular accounts, they would become famous by association.