I wrote a thread recently on new PM Interview questions I have been thinking about. Turning it into a blogpost (with some minor edits)


Validating a product idea and Prioritization:

  • You are the PM for Spotify Artists. Your VP Product wants you to add a stories feature on the app for artists to get more engagement. Will you do it? Why and why not?

Strategy and Positioning:

  • You are the Head of India Post. How will you position yourself to compete against dtdc, fedex etc?

Product Design:

  • You are the PM of Practo. You have to design a queue management system for patients with emergencies who can’t afford to wait at a Nursing home for a long time. How will you do it?


  • You are the PM of Unacademy’s Candidate Retention Team.
    • What is your North star metric?
    • What would your daily dashboard look like?

Deep dive:

  • You are the PM of WhatsApp’s home screen. You saw a decline in click through on the camera icon on top nav bar last week. You have your data analyst sitting with you. Do a RCA


  • You are the PM for Pratilipi app. How will you acquire the next 10K writers on the platform?

  • If you had to create an incentive structure for their top writers, how will you go on about it?


  • You are the PM of Meesho looking after resellers. How will you reduce churn of your top resellers from X to Y%?


  • Draw Meesho’s flywheel

  • What would be the business equation for Meesho?

Product Design:

  • You are the PM for Engagement on Twitter. Jack Dorsey came to you yesterday and asked why has the Twitter Like button not evolved like Facebook and LinkedIn’s react button and allowed other emotions till now. What will be your answer?


You are the PM for seller/supply side on Flipkart. How will you resurrect your churned sellers without burning a lot of money?


  • You are the PM for Phonepe. Your CEO has come to you and asked for ideas on how you can increase penetration of phonepe on Flipkart? How do you make orders on Flipkart paid through phonepe increase from X to Y%?

User behavior:

  • You are the PM of Bounce. You see a lot of first time users not taking caring of the bikes they have rented. If you have to create a carrot and stick program to improve behavior what would it look like? Note: Anything you do should not hurt growth

Onboarding/First time user experience:

  • You are the PM of Pratilipi. How will you design the first time user experience for writers to get them writing/publishing in their first session itself?


  • You are the the PM of Sharechat. You are seeing less and less users share content from Sharechat on other platforms. How will you use gamification (maybe create streaks etc) for increasing number of users who share content?

New product:

  • If you were a PM inside YouTube who was asked to create an app specific for gaming content how would you do on about it?
    • How will you leverage the existing gaming catalog YT has?
    • How will you tackle copyright violations?

Discovery (maybe also collaboration):

  • You are the PM for Swiggy home page. The PM for Swiggy Daily has been asking your help to improve discovery of their product. What will be your reply/action item?


  • You are the PM for Ola. How will you get people who generally take an auto to move to car products?
    • How will you get people who take Micro to start taking Premium?
    • What will be the changes in the product to do this upsell?

New product/ Business case:

  • You are the PM for new initiatives at Bookmyshow. Your CEO has asked you to create a playo clone for booking sports activities because in his mind booking activities is similar to booking events. How will you create a business case for this?


  • You are the PM for Playo. One of the TG your CEO wants you to go after is people who want to play during weekends but don’t have a social group. How will you create the next X features for this TG?

Unit economics:

  • You are the PM of Swiggy food. Your CEO wants you to explore adding a booking fee to each order to improve contribution margin. Write a business case for this


P.S I will keep adding more questions to this list. I did not want to overwhelm people by adding 50+ questions in the main thread :)