Things I am trying to get better at:

  • Not calling other people stereotypical names like Sanghis/ Bhakts

Why? I get triggered when people call me a Libtard. TBH I don’t care about labels. And try to keep my identity small. Even then it annoys me when people comment with labels on my posts. So it is only fair that I don’t generalise, and avoid his kind of name calling too.

CURRENT STATUS: Failing badly at this. But something I am putting in a lot of effort to improve.

  • Not judging people based on online speculation

Also giving them a chance to explain themselves. I remember tweeting about Sachin Bansal’s domestic violence case a few weeks back. As soon as I posted that, I realised it was wrong on my part to joke about the case. Social media should not be used to pass judgements on people. I always believed that. But I failed to adhere to this philosophy myself. Going forward, I have decided to avoid passing judgements till there is evidence, and be more objective with facts, than just speculating because it is the easy thing to do.

CURRENT STATUS: Still bad at this. Like most people, my first impulse is to judge people, and assume the worst.

  • Going even further to crush the need for dopamine hits

I have turned off Twitter notifications.

CURRENT STATUS: So far so good. The urge to see what people have replied on my posts has gone down with notifications being turned off. Hope I can stick to this.

  • Reading non work related stuff

In the last 2-3 years, I have spent very less time reading non work/career related articles. Earlier I used to spend hours reading things on Pocket, or just normal publications. I am taking the time during Coronavirus lockdown to find a balance between career, and non career things I enjoy.

CURRENT STATUS: I am spending way more time on Pocket. Have also downloaded a bunch of novels on my Kindle.