I am the kind of person who likes sitting in a corner, being to myself. At work, I would probably be reading something or completing some documents. I don’t chit chat much. But that led to people inferring that I don’t like my team. My manager during a 1-1 also said that people get scared to approach me thinking I like to be left alone.

Why I am writing this? After a long time, I have realized how important being upbeat, and approachable is to your success as a PM. Energy is contagious. If you are a high energy PM, who looks excited to come to work, tackle big problems, then your team will also look like a reflection of you. People say culture is a reflection of the manager of the team. I say it is not just culture. It is also the energy of the team.

Remember: PM is the energy curator of the team. Your mood, your energy affects your team much more than you realize.