Thoughts after more than a month of WFH: Days are getting longer, weeks are getting shorter.

When you have the same routine everyday, the day feels long. It is super hard to differentiate between the days of the week, and hence the weeks fly through.

Think about what you did the first week of WFH. And now think about the last week. Except becoming more used to staying at home, I guess there won’t be much difference.

I read somewhere that the key to living a long interesting life is to have varied new experiences.

And experiences is something for which you need to go out.

You can listen to a concert online, but it is not the same. You can watch a travel vlog, but it is not the same.

Hence my hypothesis is that though people will appreciate occasional WFHs, video calls, webinars, the world will move back to how it was a few months back; provided we find the Covid-19 cure of course.

Lets wait a couple of years and see.