An interesting insight from an episode of My first million I listened to recently: Anytime someone puts up resistance, there is the stated reason and the real reason. The stated reason is never the real reason. Most of the time it is some polite bullshit reason that people say to not offend you. If you feel you are getting a bullshit reason/s, then you must prod more to understand the real reason/s. When you can get to the real reason/s, see if it one or three reasons. If it is 1=one then you can probably solve it. If it is three, then going into problem-solving mode will never work. Because the reasons are probably more emotional than logical. If you find fixes for the three reasons, then they will come up with a fourth or fifth reason. In this case, use love, and show care for the other person. If the person has given a single reason, then showing love almost never works. You have to solve the actual problem. In this case probe more and discover the root cause of the problem and come to a shared understanding.

Another thing they talk about in the podcast: the two modes of listening; listening to learn vs listening to fix. People typically default to the 2nd while they should be doing 1st.