Me earlier: Licious is just a meat delivery app. There is no moat.

Me now: Licious delivers “fresh” meat to your “doorsteps” in “2 hours”. A kid today will never have to go with his father to the butcher, see a chicken being slaughtered, and rethink his food choices. With time the meat-eating population will grow. Like all good companies, Licious will help in market expansion by making meat ordering and cooking a 10X better experience.  We talked ordering. What about cooking? If I see my last few orders, it is just ready to cook meals. Licious is not competing with the local butcher or the frozen food section of your nearby supermarket. They are competing with Swiggy. Every weekend I choose to order ready-to-cook Afghan chicken - which we can prepare in 15 mins - Swiggy loses out on a lunch order. Every morning I use their chunky spread and prepare a sandwich, which again takes just 5 mins, I choose it over some aloo paratha or masala dosa from Swiggy which takes 40 mins to deliver.

New framing: Licious is not just a meat delivery company. It is also a meal prep company.

I remember reading this post on Zomato building a farm to fork a couple of years back. Even then I could understand the allure of a company that optimizes on quality of products over its final price. I know a lot of people who won’t mind paying a premium for fresh good quality meat. And if you could get ready to prepare afghan chicken at your doorstep? You will order in far less!

To sum up: I am long Licious. I think it will become a billion-dollar company in the next 5 years.

P.S I am bullish about both Swiggy and Licious. Though I use Swiggy a bit less because of Licious, it is still my go-to food ordering app. There has never been a better time to be a food lover in India.