Like Aamir Khan says in 3 Idiots, “Sab jagah gyaan bant raha ..jahan se jitna mann kare, le lo”, I believe you can find pearls of wisdom everywhere, even on Blind. All you have to do is: instead of lurking on brag posts about CTC, look for threads where people post about their experience/learnings from years of working in the valley. When there are no social media currency to earn, no reputation to protect, people are far more honest with their thoughts. This is the reason I spend most of my online hours on sites like reddit than Facebook or Twitter.

Here are the best learnings from a thread titled ‘what have you learned from your mentors’:

  • Don’t send anything in a mail you would be embarrassed about being put on the fridge.
  • Never try to keep your job.
  • When you are thinking of what to say next you are not listening.
  • Never start a sentence with “couldn’t you just”.
  • When thinking of your career run towards something and not from something.
  • Don’t expect others to do your best.
  • Try to make your managers role redundant for all the things on his plate that involves you, to grow.
  • If you are swimming with sharks, don’t act like bait.
  • “We’re not launching the Space Shuttle, guys. We’ll fix it and learn from our mistakes. Relax.”
  • The job belongs to the company but the career belongs to you.