One of my favorite product development ideas is the step function and 1% improvements framework. It says that business building happens by a series of 1% improvement while business domination comes with step functions. Ideally, you should aim for a healthy mix of both.

For me, 1% improvements mean continuously optimizing my product and user funnels. How do I do that? By running a lot of experiments on production which helps me test multiple hypotheses at the same time. For example, we ran half a dozen experiments in H1 to test our hypotheses around what would reduce cancellations on the finding driver screen of our Transport product. The end goal of those experiments was to understand what matters most to the customers and use that to improve the conversion of the booking confirmed to driver found step in our booking funnel. Coming to step function projects, we worked on a project to migrate Vietnam and Thailand users from GoViet and Get to the core Gojek app. It was part of the brand unification effort in H1 2020 where we rebranded GoViet and Get as Gojek. It was a months-long effort across multiple product groups in Gojek.

Every semester when we plan for our OKRs, we ask what are the big bets we are going to be working on and what are the funnel steps we will be running experiments on. I recommend you to do the same.