A list of TV shows I have watched:

  1. Seinfeld (all seasons)
  2. The Office (US, yet to see the UK original, all seasons)
  3. Parks and Recreation (all seasons)
  4. Grace and Frankie (all seasons)
  5. The Kominsky Method (first season)
  6. Schitt’s Creek (first few seasons)
  7. Friends (all seasons)
  8. Master of None (eagerly waiting for season 3)
  9. Rami (eagerly waiting for season 3)
  10. Jeremy Clarkson Meets the neighbours (had watched it in college. can’t find it anywhere now)
  11. Lovesick (season 1)
  12. Love (season 1)
  13. Skins (first few seasons)
  14. Misfits (first few seasons)
  15. Inbetweeners (all seasons)
  16. Peep show (all seasons)
  17. The IT crowd (all seasons)
  18. How I Met Your Mother (first few seasons)
  19. Community (first few seasons)
  20. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (scattered episodes)
  21. Ted Lasso (best thing I watched in 2020)
  22. Black Mirror (all seasons)
  23. Mad Men (first few seasons)
  24. Suits (first few seasons)
  25. Breaking Bad (first few seasons, I could not get back to the final 2 seasons once college ended)
  26. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (scattered episodes)
  27. Game of Thrones (final seasons spoilt the show for me)
  28. Sherlock (final seasons sucked)
  29. The Witcher (loved the game, loved this show)
  30. Selling sunset (LA, real estate; what not to love)
  31. Stranger Things (getting repetitive, but still good)
  32. Family guy (staple in college)
  33. South Park (i binged watched first 10 seasons during one college winter break)
  34. The Big Bang Theory (first few seasons)
  35. Dark (first season)
  36. Mindhunter (first season)
  37. The Boys (so so good, all seasons)
  38. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (first season)
  39. Prison Break (first 2 seasons)
  40. Narcos (first season)
  41. True Detective (first season is one of the best TV I have ever watched in my life)
  42. Bodyguard (pretty good, only one season)
  43. The Haunting of Bly Manor (don’t watch a lot of horror shows, this one was good)
  44. American Crime Story (season 2)
  45. Snowpiercer (season 1)
  46. Billions (first few seasons)
  47. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (one season)
  48. Entourage (all seasons)
  49. Panchayat (best hindi show I watched in 2020)
  50. Sacred Games (season 1)
  51. Patal Lok (loved this one, ignore the negative reviews)
  52. What We Do in the Shadows (the movie is good too)
  53. Kim’s Convenience (all seasons)
  54. Silicon Valley (all seasons)
  55. BoJack Horseman (this show is so dark I had to stop myself from watching and getting depressed)
  56. Rick and Morty (good show, fun memes)
  57. Bad Boy Billionaires: India (good show, also read the book on which this is based)
  58. Chef’s table (scattered episodes)
  59. Coupling (all seasons)
  60. Queer Eye (scattered episodes)
  61. Patriot Act (all seasons)
  62. Indian Matchmaking (not sure why I watched it, maybe for the memes)
  63. Travels with my father (first season)
  64. Mirzapur (season 1)
  65. Never Have I Ever (season 1, so so good)
  66. Midnight Diner (scattered episodes)
  67. Little things (both seasons)
  68. Saturday Night Live (scattered episodes)
  69. Chappelle’s Show (scattered episodes)
  70. TVF Pitchers (pretty good, not sure when 2nd season will come)
  71. TVF Kota factory (so so good, I studied in Kota too)
  72. Shark Tank (scattered episodes)
  73. TVF Permanent Roommates (pretty good)
  74. TVF Tripling (pretty good)
  75. TVF Humorously Yours (okay okay)
  76. TVF Cubicles (pretty good)
  77. Made in Heaven (season 1)
  78. Inside Edge (season 1)
  79. Dexter (few seasons)
  80. Californication (few seasons)
  81. Wild Wild Country (missed the final few episodes but it was good)
  82. Malgudi Days (childhood favorite)
  83. Tiger King (wild show)
  84. Who is America (Sacha Baron Cohen’s best work)
  85. Workaholics (season 1)
  86. Arrow (season 1)
  87. The Men Who Built America (good watch)
  88. Love is blind (trashy reality show)
  89. Louie (few seasons)
  90. Death Note (I ruined one of my college exams because I thought starting Death Note before exams would be a good idea)
  91. The Vampire Diaries (few seasons, okay judge me I don’t care)
  92. An Idiot Abroad (all seasons)
  93. Terra Nova (I was sad they did not renew it)
  94. That ’70s show (few seasons)
  95. My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman (scattered episodes)

Anytime a show’s quality goes down I stop watching, hence recommending a few seasons not the entire show. Some shows I stopped watching after passing out from college and could not go back. Not completing Breaking Bad is a mistake I plan to correct soon.

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