1. Create an agenda for the meeting and share it with the meeting invite.
  2. Link to all the relevant docs from the description section of the meeting invite. You don’t want participants to come to the meeting and ask for the link on zoom chat.
  3. All the documents should have comment access shared by default.
  4. Screen share the agenda on a google doc during the meeting. This should be the default view of the meeting organiser’s background. This helps people know how far the meeting has progressed and what’s coming next.
  5. The ongoing section of the agenda can be highlighted in green.
  6. Have time slots for each section and be ruthless about communicating and meeting the same.
  7. Meetings should start with silent reading by default. Only once people have read the document, have the discussion.
  8. Share a timer on the screen for each section. Helps people know how much time is left. Just go to google search to run the timer.
  9. While people are silent reading, you can tackle some of the questions that have come async. Either reply through a comment or verbally. Helps save time.
  10. The topics/questions selected for a longer discussion can be tackled at the end. Ask participants to make those comments with #livediscussion.
  11. Know why you set up the meeting. Everyone has an agenda when they attend a meeting. Keep asking yourself if you are going on the right track to meet your agenda.
  12. Keep an eye on zoom chat. People might have stacked.
  13. Use stack.
  14. Communicate the MOM verbally before ending the meeting. Everyone should leave a meeting with the same takeaways as you. Action items should be clear.
  15. End the meeting early if you have achieved your outcomes.
  16. Share the MOM.