Podcast ideas I would work on if I was not so lazy:

  1. Interview people who have taken the road not taken; career or life decisions.
  2. Interview people who have just retired; their learnings, their mistakes, things they would do differently. Not just from tech, but from people from all talks of life. I would want to know interesting stories from the life of a Municipal Corporation worker.
  3. Interview people throughout their career journey; anonymised so that people share real stories without fearing consequences. This will be a longer series. Take 27 people. One for each week. Interview them every 6 months. Track their life and career journey throughout years. This way you won’t hear stories made up retrospectively once someone made it big.
  4. Interview people who are say older than 70. Will be fascinating to learn from them how it was living through the emergency period, the Indo Pak wars, the stock market booms and bursts. Even personal questions would be interesting with their decades of life experience.