Sharing framework called One Level Up that I teach the PMs in my team: One level up.

Say you are a PM for Growth and own all loyalty products for a ride-hailing product.

Level 0 thinking: An experiment to improve the visibility of vouchers.

Level 1 thinking: Bunch of experiments that are part of the same goal; say conversion on the price estimate screen. Let’s call it Milestone 1 of a fictional project X.

Level 2 thinking: All milestones of project X together that ties to voucher flow redesign.

Level 3 thinking: How all loyalty products (vouchers, subscriptions, bundles) tie together and fits in this redesign.

Level 4 thinking: How all of these finally tie to the theme of perception of affordability that has been identified as a key indicator of why a user chooses a particular ride-hailing product. When you start in product management you only focus on L0 thinking.

You want your short-term experiments to succeed and improve the identified success metric. But as you grow as a PM, you start going one level up. A good PM ties what they do in the short term with broader/larger narratives that persist over the long term.

They identify the key levers that move the needle (North Star) for their product. When they plan their OKRs, they identify these levers/themes and then execute them over the next quarter/semester.

See example here.