Growth mindset is a learning session that we run in our Transport org every week. If you want to do something similar in your company, here are a few pointers.

  1. We have these sessions every week. If you don’t then people will think it is not important enough and consider it optional.
  2. Vik makes it clear that this is not an optional thing and an important part of our growth as PMs.
  3. We run our weekly PM sync on Wednesday and Growth mindset on Tuesday.
  4. Each week we rotate the ownership of this session. Last week it was me running it.
  5. The owner of the session picks a topic they think will be valuable and help the others learn something new. Vik says the best topics are one where people have opposing point of views and you can debate. One such topic was around innovators dilemma.
  6. The session is split into: silent reading (20mins), followed up discussions (20 mins).
  7. The owner might ask people for their learnings from the article shared or they might have fixed questions for the discussion session where people might give their views. Questions are upto the owner to decide.
  8. Having fixed questions help participants form their views. Example of this. Last week I shared the 3 levels of marketplace hierarchy series by Sarah Tavel. After the silent reading of the series, I asked for two things: what is your takeaway and if you were asked to learn X product inside gojek, how would you form your strategy based on these learnings.
  9. We try to get inputs from all participants.
  10. End of the session the owner of the session assigns the owner for the next session. We try to rotate amongst the group so that each person hosts this once. Another thing that might come up is that: should the topics be part of a theme or chosen randomly. We feel the owner choosing a topic of their interest helps instead of forcing a theme. We have had sessions on everything from eigenquestions and innovators dilemma to what does having high agency mean.
  11. If Vik had not shown strong interest in these sessions and not attended all the sessions himself, people might not have taken it seriously. So as a leader you should show interest in growth mindset for your team to follow.

You can use this link: Learning session template

Note: Vik is my boss and the head of Mobility here in Gojek. The credit for starting this session goes to him.