I know I shit enough on PMing and middle management on Twitter, but one big benefit of this job is getting to choose what you spend your days on.

  • I spent 4 hours on Friday just looking at tableau dashboards.
  • Today it was reading about inside sales and then planning GTM for a feature.
  • 2nd half was all my 1-1s.

If you want to try out different things, get into a lot of adjacent domains, then there is nothing like a PM job.

Getting to try different things and spending the whole day reading is the reason I wanted to get into VC sometime back. Instead of a single company, you can read up on sectors and trends. At least on paper it looked interesting. A friend who works in a VC firm was telling me how all the partners at his firm are reading papers on crypto.

But I wanted to be part of the execution side too. So it was a hard choice to make. I am happy I stuck to PMing though. Not sure if I had done as good for myself in any other domain.