I tried learning touch typing. I failed. I can almost type without looking at the keyboard, though I make mistakes.

But using all 10 fingers is the key to improving your speed. And I don’t use more than 5.

While researching resources on learning touch typing I realised that there is a better way to input. What if instead of improving my typing speed to 100 words/ min, I could just speak fast and complete the first draft of a blog post in 2 mins. Speaking is a more natural input method. We speak all the time. We just have to open the mouth compared with typing where we first have to think about which note taking app to open, what title to use, how to structure the content.

Ever since I installed Live transcribe, my life has changed. Whenever I get a new idea for a blogpost I just start open Live transcribe and start narrating. Editing comes much later.

Try it today.