With all these leaks, petitions, walkouts, we have reached a point where I fear that this workers us vs them corporates narrative will only bigger over time. This will lead to companies being far less transparent over time. No more open town halls, dashboards to see any company metric, sharing of company strategy with the entire company.

It is crazy how within minutes of a town hall, confidential data gets leaked to the press. Google for years shared their OKRs publicly without fearing someone will leak them. Zuckerberg holds townhalls where anyone can come and question him.

Tech companies worldwide copied these.

Recently Facebook has already started restricting access. I am sure others will follow.

Seeing what is happening to them, as well as Apple, and Netflix, I worry that a lot of companies will go back to how companies were run pre last 2 decades; working for a tech company will feel like working for a megacorp like Infosys than Facebook.

I hope they don’t. It would be just sad. Let’s see.