• An NPC writes “Interested” whenever they see a job posting on Twitter. They never ask themselves why the other person will be interested in hiring them. They have been writing “Interested” for years without getting a reply. Almost as if they have been programmed.
  • An NPC sends cold DMs asking for 30 mins of time. It is always about what they want from the other person. They don’t have an answer to why the other person should be remotely interested in connecting with them. There are dozens of threads on Twitter on how to send a killer mail/DM. They won’t read them. They would rather send a 100 more unanswered DMs.
  • NPCs attend meetings without adding any value. They jump from one meeting to another. They also set up meetings. Tons of them. They never OWN a meeting though.
  • NPCs are people who pass on second hand opinions of “Twitter experts” as their own thoughts. Instead of thinking deeply about a topic, they reply with threads that support their worldview.
  • NPCs take pre assigned identity labels at birth and form their entire worldview based on them. They are on Twitter all day getting offended and fighting the “others”.
  • NPCs are solid reply guys. They just have to reply something. They don’t think whether the reply has any value or not.
  • NPCs come to work, spend the day in their NPC mode, never ask themselves what they are bringing to the table.

Did I spend my day as an NPC or as someone with intention? I ask this question to myself everyday before I sleep. And I have to provide sufficient evidence to myself that I did not.

To understand the idea of NPCs more I would recommend watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Free Guy.