There was a thread on Blind (I think) where someone answered what one should spend their money on. I really liked it and had saved it. Hope this is useful.

“Life experiences are the things that I have found to be the most valuable. If you are in your mid 40’s, you’ve got at least 30 summers to enjoy in good health and mobility.

Create your bucket list for your 30 summers. I usually only keep 5 at the top of the list, and some times shuffle the list. But the next two are planned. Go parachute, or bungee jump, or fly with Zero-G. Go visit all of the continents, and don’t stay in absolute luxury. Meet and enjoy the local people.

You can’t take all of the stuff with you, but you can maximize your experience of the incredible world we live in. Don’t wait for some day.

Upgrade anything you touch daily. Soap, sheets, faucets, door knobs, cutlery, dishes, linens etc. The rate of return on joy is outsized.”