I read the following comment on Blind and shared it on Twitter. A lot of people found it valuable. So I creating this post.

“I have learned that there are 4 most important things in life to achieve happiness and I learnt it first hand.

For a truly middle class life with happiness, each of these max out at 25%

  1. Family and friends - you need to have at least 5/10 family members, at least 4 to 5 best friends and 4 to 5 local friends whom you meet on weekly basis. 1 life partner who understands you well.
  2. Money - You need to make at least 3-4 times of the minimum wage to be happy and leave middle class. After that, money doesn’t matter much.
  3. Health - you need to have very strong mental health along with physical health with no diseases. you need to be fit enough to lift 40% of your weight.
  4. Career/goals/dreams - You need to spend at least 5 to 8 hours on a day doing things that you love. Again, if you achieve something, this score comes down, you need to find new goal.

So all you TC freaks, no matter even you are billionaire, you just achieve 25% of true happiness, so all these high TC means nothing after a certain threshold. stop comparing with others and feeling bad.

Next time, you want to envy someone, see if they achieve at least 70% of the above list. If you find someone in your life who has achieved 75% (total), be their friend. they are true genius.

There is no f**king point earning 1 million but living single lazily with no friends and watching same tv show doing documentation.

Again this is no way to demean someone, but if you are lacking something in life, its because you are missing on 1 or more points above. Try to achieve 100% in each of these and every day is a bliss. This is the reason why money doesn’t buy happiness cos its only worth 25%.”