One upside of tweeting out what you want without worrying about what people might think is that you will be pleasantly surprised how many people will reach out if you put out a strong call to action.

I spent my last week reading memos from founders/ PMs. Why? Because I had written a thread on memos and asked people to send me good ones.

And a lot of founders/PMs reached out to get feedback on their own memos.

Note: I am not a founder or a VC. There is no benefit for these people. They just sent because they know I am genuinely interested and will provide honest feedback.

I had written a thread recently on a16z. Then a friend who is raising a new fund reached out to discuss the future of venture capital. I am not a VC or an LP. 

I get to have these fun discussions because I tweet out whatever comes to my mind without caring about the optics. I don’t ask for permission. I don’t worry about judgment from twitter strangers.

And let’s be honest, anyone with a public profile and a decent number of followers is probably already being discussed on private whatsapp groups and shat on. So why bother.

So friend, just shoot your shot.