Packy’s take today on why large twitter accounts tweet like fortune cookies is so true.

The kind of advice I get, the nuanced discussions I get to have with friends and mentors, is not available on Linkedin/ Twitter.

Why? When people are worried about getting cancelled/ dunked on, they will always pander to the lowest common denominator and share advice that sounds good, but is not true.

I can’t share most private conversations I have on social media without being okay with the fact that a lot of people will misinterpret / and try to dunk.

A friend who is a senior director in a fast growing startup wrote this innocent tweet recently: ‘how can we work when the team is down with covid’ and the Linkedin mob came after him because someone took a screenshot of the tweet, changed the context, and posted it on Linkedin.

See most advice about career on Twitter. See discussions on crypto. Garbage. Most of them. People are optimising for distribution while also trying their hardest not to get canceled. No one cares if what they tweet actually helps the readers or not.