No one has ever come on Twitter, read a thread, and been like “oh I have been wrong my entire life, let me change my worldview based on this thread”. True for all of us, including me. We mostly come to seek confirmation bias on social media.

Developer: PMs are not needed. PM: Naah bruah, please don’t say this, here is how I add value. Developer: Amazeballs man. Massive respect.

This is a discussion that will never happen on Twitter.

And the reason why I never comment on anyone’s tweet. And rarely engage with replies on my own tweets. It is pointless.

Every time I have changed my own opinion on something, and that has happened a lot, it has come from hours of intense debate with someone I respect. Or by reading and thinking a lot on that topic.

I had a 2 hour discussion with a friend who had immigrated to Canada and just got his citizenship recently. We discussed our career and also a lot of our recent life choices. It was illuminating. I even wrote a post on it.

Being opinionated means that I do attract a lot of similiarly strongly opinionated friends. All of them with different views on life and career. A lot of the learnings contradict themselves. And it is fine. I would rather have them than read threads on Twitter.