Earlier I used to worry a lot about people judging me.

‘Oh he shitposts so much. How does he have so much time. Maybe he does not do anything at work.’ ‘Who does he think he is? Gyaani sala’ ‘Has he actually read that many books?’

Then I realised that for every moderately successful person, there is a whatsapp group where people shit on them. It’s human nature.

Forget someone like me, tbh I am no one when it comes to successful people. I am some random middle manager. Take people who have built billion dollar businesses. People still come to shit on their tweets. They get mocked in Whatsapp groups. Gossiped about at parties.

So why bother? Just do what makes you fucking happy. This is not a new learning for me.

When I was a first year student in college, I used to run a popular college satire blog called Tamatar News. Early 2010ish. I deleted the blog later when I was done with it. Like how one day I might finally get bored of Twitter and delete the account.

Even then people used to leave hateful comments on my blog. Anonymous accounts telling me that I am a loser who can’t do anything better with my time. Yes, there were a lot of people who left nice comments too. But you always remember the hateful comments.

10+ years later, I still enjoy posting dumb jokes online. It’s what the “cool kids” now call shitposting.

I won’t pretend to be a saint. I act like a gatekeeper too sometimes. ‘oh, 15 year old kids giving us gyaan on distribution.’ ‘Oh look at this mental models writer.’

As someone who has been posting satire and dumb jokes online for more than a decade it is a side effect. But there might be a darker reason. Sometimes I wonder if I am lowkey jealous of these people. I worry being judged constantly. I can’t write threads because I worry about my friends judging me. While today’s 15 year olds are writing threads about investing and entrepreneurship, I was slogging in Kota when I was of the same age.

I am saying this because I don’t want you to feel bad about writing what you do online. Feel free to write about what you want. Be it on Twitter or Linkedin. Don’t worry about people judging you. People will make fun of you anyway. So why bother!