If you read my blog posts on web3, you will realise that the majority are positive. I am not bullish on all  use cases, but I have publicly praised what Questbook is doing. I was even impressed with constitution DAO’s ability to raise 40 mil in a week based on a narrative. Packy’s post on Braintrust made me think a lot about the companies DAOs might disrupt.

What I can’t stand though is the ‘web2 companies are evil and exploitative’ and ‘if you don’t blindly support all web3 projects you don’t get the future’ narratives started by some VC firms. It is zero sum and just grinds my gears.

Not all VCs are bad. There are many Traditional web2 VCs who are investing and supporting startups in this space. I have immense respect for them, they don’t come out as hypocrites. 

I plan to do the same. Write and meme about both the good and bad happening in today’s world, be it web2 or web3. We don’t need to hate on something for our thng to be successful. I wish more people realised the same.