I played with a really good Poker group in 2020 that included a WSOP top 3 cash out player. I lost like 30K over the month I played with them. Buy in was 2K. Here are my learnings.

  1. Table selection: I was the fish at that table. Everyone else knew each others’ game. I should not have played so much poker without studying my competition first. I was distracted. Multi tabling. Did not take the game seriously enough while everyone was targeting me.

  2. Bank roll: I did not have the bankroll of other players. I saw people go down 20K for the night and coming back again. I should have not played only if I was afraid of losing my bankroll. A few years earlier, I had won 1.5L by finishing 2nd in a Poker tournament on Adda52. Then I levelled up too fast and lost most of it. I was not supposed to be playing 7.5K buy in games where you can lose 20K by firing 3 bullets. It was reckless. After losing 70K in tournaments over a week I learned my lesson. And took out the remaining.

  3. Lack of seriousness: In a room of sharks I should not have been multi-tabling. I was playing cash there + tournaments on adda. My strength is tourneys. I am shit at cash. First I chose to play in that room that had players beyond my level and I had not played with before + I did not take the table seriously. I was getting bullied post flop. I should have adapted. I did not.