I track these habits on my Streaks app:

  • Go out in the sun [I feel if I even spend 5 mins sitting in my balcony, it improves my mood.]
  • Workout 30 mins [Football, stretching, yoga, and sometimes weight training.]
  • Meditate 10 mins [I probably do 2 times a week, keep missing this.]
  • 5 min morning stretch [If I start my day with this, I feel so much better.]
  • Take vitamins [Easiest thing to do and mark one habit as done.]
  • Write less [Trying to be less verbose.]
  • Learn photography [I watch YT videos, read newsletters, and even take a few photos from time to time.]
  • Check if any bills due [This is so that I don’t forget my bill.]
  • No vertical relationships [Read Courage to be Disliked to understand this idea.]
  • Spend quality time with wife [Easy to do this when you are both WFH, but never want to miss this.]
  • Football on feet [A friend recommended this to me, keeping a football with me at all times.]
  • Live experience to experience [Have to remember to do new things.]
  • Be happy [Thanks Naval.]
  • Don’t rant on Twitter [Twitter is one thing I want to do less this year.]

The days I play football, I track these habits related to my game:

  • Analyse the game and add to my football diary [I do this with every new thing I pick up, check my Poker blog for context.]
  • Keep it simple [I started playing pretty late and just want to keep things simple.]
  • Stick to position [Otherwise I start running all around.]
  • Pre match stretching [So that I don’t get injured.]
  • Warm up on the ground [If I warm up with the ball for even 5 mins, I tend to play better.]
  • Cool down [I keep missing this.]

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