Travel more when you are young.

Looking back at my 20s, I don’t remember much about the 100s of projects I delivered, but I do remember:

  • Backpacking across Bhutan
  • Sleeping under the star lit sky at half moon beach in Gokarna
  • Almost drowning on the way to Maya beach
  • Rafting in Halong bay
  • Bus hopping from one beach to another in Sri Lanka
  • Getting punched by a random stranger in Thailand
  • Chennai monsoons, because I used to go there to meet my gf/ now wife

As you grow older, you spend a lot of time in nostalgia. It is hard to be nostalgic when you don’t have any memories and each day overlaps with the other.

Also as you grow older, and senior in your career, you don’t have the luxury to travel. I now travel once a year maybe, even less. Even then I am on zoom most of the time.

It is okay. It is my choice.

But I feel glad that I spent a lot of my 20s travelling, writing about it, and also took a lot of photos.

In your pursuit for the next level in the job ladder, don’t forget to create memories.