Note: While reading a book whenever I come across something interesting, I highlight it on my Kindle. Later I turn those highlights into a blogpost. It is not a complete summary of the book. These are my notes which I intend to go back to later. Let’s start!

  • Shoot decisive moments.
  • Try themes: children, hands, street signs, dogs.
  • Shoot from the hip.
  • Juxtaposition: Two contrasting/contradictory objects: sad man in colorful environment.
  • Look for geometry, lines, and framing.
  • Identify an interesting backdrop to use as a stage. Waited for your actors to enter the scene. Press the shutter at “the decisive moment.”
  • The trick to successfully photographing scenes without people is to base your compositions on the formal elements in art: points, lines, shapes, space, texture, light, and color. Try to find interesting juxtapositions and work hard on your compositions.Look for mundane, often overlooked subjects like plastic bags, trash cans, chain-link fences, interesting signs, advertisements, and walls. And whatever you’re shooting, try to find a story behind the image. Does that chain-link fence and shadow look like they are holding a person prisoner? Does that little paper bag look like a human face? Let your imagination and creativity run wild.