Template link: Product Update Email.

  • There was a time when I used to hate sending product update emails. MailChimp editor sucked (and still sucks), and I could not wait to reach a level where I can make others send mails on my behalf.
  • Then someone on Twitter told me that you can just create a single cell table on Google Docs, and copy paste the content! This way the formatting is retained and you can just copy paste the table to Gmail. But yeah, you had to remember to keep border radius bigger and color White.
  • I ran with this advice and created 3 different templates for sending Product updates.
  • The update I wrote is around Emoji reactions going live.

Twitter emojis

  • Like most things in life I did not spend a lot of time trying to be original, and just copied the best practices I saw being followed in my current company.
  • You can use these as release notes too :)
  • A lot of credit goes to my manager for pushing me to write these update mails.

This document template is part of my series on how to run Project teams. I will be writing more templates over the next few weeks.