(Last updated: 11 October 2022)

I wish I had hold of something like this when I started my Product Management career. There are lot of books on the macro aspects like Strategy. And there are books on the micro like how to run an agile process. But none of them have been able to tie the macro with the micro. Or given easily customisable templates which people can use at their own companies. This Project is my humble attempt to fix that.

This post as well as the templates will be written keeping the following aspects in mind

  • Long term
  • Mid term
  • Short term

They will also include the

  • WHY
  • WHAT
  • HOW
  • WHEN

I plan to create templates and best practices for the following over the next 3 months. If I think there are better resources out there for the same, I will link them instead of creating a new document.

Note: I am indebted to my last two companies: Directi and Gojek, where I learned most of these. Most of these are iterations of documents/mails me as well as other PMs used. Remember, everything is a remix.