We have design reviews for Transport on Friday mornings. Each week, designers bring their designs for upcoming features to this review. We generally have around 30-40 folks join, including the Design and Product leaders. If you want to run something similar at your company, here are a few pointers:

  1. Ideally designs for all the major features should go through this review. Most of the time the PM and designer working closely on a feature are too close to the problem and miss things that an independent reviewer might help point out.
  2. Since the review is only for an hour, we try to present not more than 3-4 features.
  3. The designer presents the mocks. In some cases, they bring high fidelity designs too. One principle we follow in Transport is ‘Show early show often’. So people sometimes bring their designs very early. It is perfectly fine.
  4. They specify what aspect they need feedback on.
  5. A slack thread is created on the Transport design channel for each design being presented. Few people ask questions during the presentation and a live discussion happens. While others prefer the slack thread.
  6. We prefer a single deck for all sessions. So that people can find the link easily and we have a historical record.
  7. Each week, before the session starts, designers post the designs on the deck.
  8. This review session is open to all.

More templates and processes can be found here: How to run a product team.