• Items mentioned in Good + Have definitions and dashboards doc and map to all the relevant dashboards from there. It should have all input levers and output metrics, point out all the dependencies, and show how they are all tied together. This will help determine your growth strategy.

Good: Items mentioned in okay +

  • Have all the dashboards on Tableau (or any other BI tool).
  • If you, the PM, are going to a meeting, you should not need more than 15 mins to collect the relevant data.
  • Insights needed for showcase, monthly business reviews, product reviews, OKR updates should not take more than an hour.
  • RCA should be self-served thanks to the existence of all metrics on Tableau. You should not need a data analyst to do RCA. And the RCA should not take more than 30 mins.
  • All dashboards  support slicing and dicing based on user segments, date range, service type etc. There are daily, weekly and monthly level views.
  • If you share the dashboards, any stakeholder can understand them without your or an analyst’s help.
  • You can arrive at insights looking at the dashboards without having to query.


  • All feature launches are accompanied by relevant dashboards.
  • There are dashboards for the major metrics.

Note: Creation of all of these dashboards won’t happen in a day. If you are starting out focus on reaching the okay state asap and then gradually move towards great. I don’t expect the PM to create all these dashboards themselves. Most companies have an analyst embedded with product teams. The PM should work closely with them to get to the desired outcome.

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