(Last updated: 31 August 2022)

(Proof of Work)

Gojek (~4 years)

  • July 2021 - Now
  • Group Product Manager, Ride hailing products & GoSend, Transport.
    • Shortcuts in Vietnam.
    • Premium insurance in Indonesia.
    • Hemat in Indonesia.
  • October 2021 - June 2022
  • Group Product Manager, Growth and Key Initiatives (GKI), Transport.
  • Run these streams inside Transport: Core Growth, GoCorp (B2B product), Instant(on spot bookings), Service Excellence, and Engineering Excellence. What we have shipped in this period:
    • GoCar XL in Vietnam.
    • Ride pass product launched in Indonesia to improve incremental transactions and boost customer loyalty.
    • Electric Vehicles trial. press
    • GoCar Premium, an on-demand service for luxury vehicles in Singapore. press
    • GoCarXL in Singapore. press
    • Took GoCorp international; launched in Singapore.
    • Protect+, a new hygiene focused service for both 4W and 2W in Indonesia. press
    • Introduced cars at scale in Vietnam: launched Protect+ service in Vietnam. press
    • Ride pass product for Singapore.
    • Launched GoPay Coins.
  • July 2020 - Septmber 2021
  • Manager, Growth and Key Initiatives (GKI), Transport. Managed a team of 3 PMs.
    • Owned Service Excellence: all safety related features in Transport, is in charge of improving service quality of our Transport products, the Tipping experience and Comms with customers (Call Masking, Customer Support).
    • Led the launch of our Taxi product in Singapore. press
    • Launched our 4W product GoCar in Vietnam. press
    • Ran GoCorp (Gojek’s business product for Transport). press
    • Shipped a premium schedule a ride feature.
    • Owned the loyalty levers for Transport: Subscription, Bundles, GoClub, Vouchers, Missions.
    • Redesigned the voucher experience.
    • Owned the Experiments roadmap for Transport and in charge of improving the capabilities of our experimentation platform.
    • Owned the resurrection charter: getting back users lost during Covid.
    • Launched GoClub (Gojek’s loyalty product) in Transport.
    • Launched v1 of Ads on Transport.
    • Ran Gojek’s Instant product for Transport (on the spot booking at airports and other popular areas). press
  • July 2019 - June 2020
  • Product Lead for Booking Experience and Flexibility. Led 2 PMs.
    • Redesigned the entire booking experience for Transport in 2019.
    • Worked on Project Athena for Transport: Getting Vietnam and Thailand Transport users inside the Gojek super app. press
    • Built the multi stop feature and v2 of edit destination. press
    • Shipped pre booking ETA.
    • Redesigned the Finding Driver experience.
    • Implemented Odd Even rule for Transport services in Jakarta.
  • November 2018 - June 2019
  • First PM for Safety, Payments and On Trip Experience in Transport. Joined as an IC when the Transport product group was just 2 people.
    • Shipped the following features within 2 months of joining Gojek’s Transport team: Share Trip, SOS, Safety handbook. press
    • Created the Call Masking feature that was later adopted by all product groups inside Gojek. press
    • Shipped outstanding balance feature which helped us reduce fraud and earn back lost revenue.

Vik's reco

(Manager’s recommendation on Twitter)

Directi (~2 years)

  • Dec 2016 - Nov 2018
  • Flock is a leading enterprise collaboration platform owned by Directi. I was the PM looking at long term retention for our users. press
    • Product owner of the Flock App Store, which has 50+ apps and third party integrations.
    • Led experience of 6 core apps built on Flock’s platform: Mailcast, Notes, Polls, Reactions, Reminders, Favourite.
    • Built 5 third party integrations for Flock App Store: Github, Gitlab, Facebook Pages, Freshdesk, Opsgenie.
    • Created Flock Support, a lightweight Helpdesk inside Flock Messenger, which on-boards users and lets them chat with Customer Support.

Madhur's reco (Hiring Manager’s recommendation on Linkedin)

Craftsvilla (~1 year)

  • Jan 2016 - Sep 2016
  • I was the Product Owner of both Android and iOS mobile apps. I rebuilt the Android app from scratch. press
    • 100% Growth in number of users visiting Product Detail Page.
    • 20% Jump in monthly retention of the users.
    • 6X Jump in the number of users logged-in.
    • Avg. application ratings run-rate of 4.08 post application launch.
    • Conceptualised and released the first version of iOS app.
  • Also led mobile growth across all digital channels.
    • Scaled installs of the Android app from 1 to 4 million users in less than a year.
    • Increased active user base by 200%.
    • Doubled share of mobile app transactions from 25% to 50% of total transactions.

Ranjit reco (Hiring Manager’s recommendation on Linkedin)

CouponDunia (~1 year)

  • Dec 2014 - Dec 2015
  • CouponDunia is India’s largest digital coupon marketplace. It was acquired by Times Internet in 2014.
  • Product & Business Owner for CashBoss, a new business unit within CouponDunia. press
    • Shipped the v1 of CashBoss Android App in 4 months and scaled it to 1 million installs.
    • The app has a rating of 4.3 and is one of the top apps in its category.
    • The business unit has been profitable since launch.
  • Product Owner of the CouponDunia Web Team (Desktop).
    • Took additional responsibility of the CouponDunia website which received close to 100k DAU.
  • Led growth for all of CouponDunia products.
    • Ran multiple experiments to improve funnel conversion across the website.
    • Worked with the SEO, Digital Marketing teams to deliver growth goals.

Sameer reco (Hiring Manager’s recommendation in the form of a mail sent to the company)

Kore (~1.5 years)

  • Aug 2013 - Nov 2014
  • Kore pivoted and became Kore.ai, a bot platform in 2016. Before that, Kore was a messaging platform for enterprises. press
    • Joined its Android team and worked on the Video and Camera features of the Kore application.
    • Contributed to the location based message delivery feature of the app. It was a differentiator from other enterprise collaboration applications in the market.
    • Worked on the Reporting service, which is now used by all teams of Kore for data analysis.
    • Created the Push notification system for Kore, which handles all notifications going to users.
  • Kore spun out from Kony Labs where it was incubated. Kony is the leading multi-channel application development platform provider with over 350 customers in 45 countries.
    • As a member of the Vertical Apps Team, I built mobile applications on Kony’s proprietary platform Kony Studio using JavaScript.