Inspired by Uses This, the tools, services, and techniques I’m using to get things done.



On Laptop

  • Sketch: Got a license thanks to Go-Jek. Fulfils all my prototyping needs (also when I need to make memes).

  • Atom: Typing this on Atom. I like Sublime Editor too.

  • Google Chrome: My primary browser. Bookmark Manager says I have got 6000+ bookmarks there. I use AdblockPlus to stop the annoying Youtube ads.

  • Microsoft Office Suite: Can’t live without Excel as a Product Manager.

  • Slack: For Office Communication.

  • Zoom: Best Video Conferencing tool out there. Go-Jek runs on Zoom.

On iPad

  • iBooks: To read epubs on my iPad when I am bored of reading on my Phone.

  • Notes: To take handwritten notes using my Apple Pencil during meetings.

  • Procreate: The only software I did not feel bad paying for.

On Phone


Home gym


  • Humidifier: Useful purchase.

  • Ekam Fragrance Candles: Candles have been a pretty good addition to my life.

  • Steam inhaler: Have been using it everyday before I sleep.

  • Nykaa sheet masks: Put on a sheet mask, light a nice candle, play some podcast in the background. This is how I treat myself after a hard week at work.

  • Plants: Plants are a good happiness hack.

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