This is a frequent question I get from folks who want to move to the world of startups/product management.

List of my favourite people, blogs, newsletters and podcasts:


1/ Elad Gil.

fav: How To Win As Second Mover

2/ Jeol Spolsky.

fav: Strategy Letter I: Ben and Jerry’s vs. Amazon

3/ Ben Thompson.

fav: Google, Uber, and the Evolution of Transportation-as-a-Service

4/ Andrew Chen.

fav: The Power User Curve: The best way to understand your most engaged users

5/ Avichal Garg.

fav: Focus on building 10x teams, not on hiring 10x developers

6/ Michael Lopp.

fav: Shields Down

7/ Marc Andreessen.

fav: Part 1: Why not to do a startup

8/ Chamath.

fav: Long term greedy

9/ Julie Zhuo.

fav: 5 Hard Questions to Ask Yourself During a Conflict

10/ Benedict Evans.

fav: Tesla, software and disruption

11/ Steven Sinofsky.

fav: Reaching Peak Meeting Efficiency

12/ Tomasz Tunguz.

fav: Lessons Learned from 20 Years at the Leading Edge of SaaS

13/ Steve Blank.

fav: “Speed and Tempo” — Fearless Decision Making for Startups

14/ Derek Sivers.

fav: There’s no speed limit

15/ John Saito.

fav: Making up metaphors

16/ Fred Wilson.

fav: Let Your Winners Run

17/ Mark Suster.

fav: Want to Know How VC’s Calculate Valuation Differently from Founders?

18/ Seth Godin.

fav: The wrong bus

19/ Bill Gurley.

fav: The Dangerous Seduction of the Lifetime Value (LTV) Formula

20/ Michael Lopp.

fav: The Rands Test


1/ Signal v. Noise

fav: The curse of the last word

2/ Intercom

fav: When a cupcake becomes a wedding cake

3/ First Round

fav: Speed as a Habit

4/ GV Library

fav: GV Guide to Design Critique

5/ HBR

fav: Your Strategic Plans Probably Aren’t Strategic, or Even Plans

6/ Facebook Design

fav: Evolving the Facebook News Feed to Serve You Better

7/ Go-Jek Engineering

fav: Introducing GO-JEK’s card personalization engine: Project shuffle

8/ Netflix Tech Blog

fav: It’s All A/Bout Testing: The Netflix Experimentation Platform

9/ Slack Design

fav: Threads in Slack, a long design journey

10/ Airbnb Design

fav: Building a Visual Language

11/ YC

fav: How Do You Measure Leadership?

12/ a16z

fav: The ‘Oh, Shit!’ Moment When Growth Stops


1/ CBInsights

2/ Reforge

3/ Axios (Pro Rata and Login)

4/ Fortune Data Sheet

5/ The Ken

6/ Howard Lindzon

7/ Fortune Term Sheet

8/ Snippets by Social Capital

9/ Data Elixir

10/ Oversharing

11/ Prioritised by Mind the Product

12/ PMHQ Weekly Product Reads


1/ The Twenty Minute VC


2/ Origins by Notation Capital


3/ The Knowledge Project


4/ Recode Decode


5/ The Tim Ferris Show


6/ The Kevin Rose Show



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