Imagine if your company’s CEO loved big surprises

He would randomly announce all hands and propose disruptive measures without consulting any experts

Your CFO just announced big plans on New year’s eve which every industry person is questioning

Your CEO’s last 3 big projects were massive failures and executed without any plan. Your CEO was making shit up on the go

Every day you have to live in fear wondering when the next all hands will be announced and how it will impact your life

Say your company’s growth is slowing and he is talking about building a new mural in the lobby

During QnA of all hands, he chooses to talk about his love of mangoes instead of all the problems your company is facing

Your main competitor, who people used to compare you with, is marching ahead and is soon going to be the industry leader, while your CEO is just happy letting his employees fight amongst themselves and consolidate his own position

There is no board to hold him accountable. Any time someone questions him, he finds a way to either fire that person or buy his silence

Imagine his social media team trying their best to silence doubters and trend how great he is doing

If you talked about how bad things are,  some of your colleagues shout that you are anti and that you should change jobs and join instead

Would you remain in your company?

What would you do?

P.S A lot of people did not get this post on Twitter. To understand replace with India, with PM Modi, and read the post again

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