I am trying a new way of retaining what I read: Creating graphs and 2*2 matrices

Here are a few couple of examples

  • I read about Frequency vs Coverage for transportation systems from this book. According to the author, the ideal transportation medium should cover both

Here is a 2*2 matrix I drew for the area I live in

Frequency vs Coverage

  • I listened to a podcast recently where the author spoke about an interesting thing about hiring

Alex's Hiring Insights

He said Most founders think they are doing C and D, while the reality is A and B

  • Premium vs Economy

This is something I have been thinking a lot. How do you make sure the ticket size increases for a high frequency but low ticket size business like ride hailing?

It is by making people move to a Premium category

How do you create a Premium category?

Premium Category

Now that I think more on this, maybe Average Car quality and Good Drivers can become a Budget category

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