Communication is one of the things I talk and tweet about the most. It is also the area where I am trying to become better. If you are trying to improve in anything, the first task should be to figure out how to measure it.

Here is how I am measuring my communication skills at work:

  1. How often are key stakeholders asking for an update from me because I did not proactively share it.
  2. If I get an important update/announcement email reviewed by my manager, how many edits he has to do.
  3. If I have sent out an update, how many follow up questions I am getting which should have been answered in the update itself.
  4. The number of times people in my team reaches out to me after I write something, saying something on the lines of “that sounded harsh” or “it could have been framed better”.
  5. The number of times my Manager has to point out mistakes in something I shared on slack/ email.
  6. If we have another Growth Framework Review, the score I get on communication.
  7. How many times my manager has to follow up with me on some message where we were both tagged.
  8. If I am following the pyramid principle of communication or not.