Whenever I try to learn a new skill, be it Poker, Fifa or Football, I create a couple of new notes on my Inkpad app:

  1. One note where I add everything I am learning about that skill by doing courses, watching Youtube lectures, watching Pros.
  2. A note where I add feedback for myself each time I try out that skill.

Here is my note on learning Football which I turned into a blogpost.

If you see the below images, you will see the 2 notes I created while learning Poker in 2019.

Poker learnings Daily Poker

  1. First note is called Poker learnings; This includes Notes from my own learning, notes from a couple of Masterclasses I did on Poker, books I read, Twitch videos of Poker Pros.
  2. Second note is called Daily poker; Every time I went out in a tournament, I would write how it happened. What decision led to my downfall and things I should avoid in the future.

What I was trying to do wrt Poker was separate Skill from Luck, and not base my decisions on Tournament outcomes.