• If you are an incumbent with a distribution advantage, then your goal should be to plug the product gaps with the innovator.
    • You can see Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and now Twitter copying Snapchat Stories.
  • If you are the innovator, and you don’t have distribution, then your goal should be to differentiate from the incumbents and win in specific categories than the entire market.
    • Snapchat with TeensSnapchat by launching one killer feature after another.
    • Zoom with the S of SMBs.

How can you use these two principles to plan your product strategy?

  • If you are Ola, Can you be the service that women riders can use at 3AM from the airport? Can you be the service which charges a premium but can delivers on reliability & trust?
  • Can Zomato become the best food ordering service in Koramangala?