I get a lot of questions on Twitter around how I manage my time. To answer that question, I tracked what I did the entire day yesterday (9th March, 2020), when I was on leave for Holi.

  • 10.00 AM: Woke up. Checked my Slack and Mail. This is generally the first thing I do every morning.

  • 10.10 AM: After replying to a few messages on Slack, opened Twitter. Spent 10-15 mins before opening Reddit, and spending some time there too. Realised I was still sleepy.

  • Slept for another hour.

  • 11.30 AM: Replied to more Slack messages. Got to know there was a meeting setup at 2 PM. Should have turned on Out of Office on Calendar. Started reading.

  • 12.00 PM: Started cycling through books I am currently reading. I read multiple books at the same time. I would read 20-30 pages of a book, get bored, and then open another.

  • 1.00 PM: Went to the nearby Bakery for Chai. Shit posted about Coronavirus a bit.

  • 1.15 PM: More reading.

  • 2 PM: Half an hour meeting.

  • 2.30 PM: Caught Ricky Gervais fever. Turned on his monologues from past Golden Globe Events.

  • Next 3-4 hours was just me reading more books, with Gervais playing in the background. Whenever I got bored, I would tweet, scroll Reddit, or read some newsletters in my Inbox.

  • Slept for another hour.

  • 7.00 PM: Took a bath. Read a bit.

  • 8.00 PM: Went for a walk. Had to complete my 4K steps for the day. Listened to a couple of Animal Spirits podcast.

  • 9.00 PM: Back Home. Kept listening to more podcasts as I was not in the mood to read more. Tweeted a bit. More Reddit.

  • 11.30 PM: Knew I would complete a books pretty soon. So added a few books to my To-Read list. Downloaded a few new ones to my phone.

  • Late dinner.

  • 11.50 PM: Felt like reading a new book. Started reading Whistleblower. Got hooked. Knew there was no way I was stopping till I completed the book.

  • 2.45 AM: Finished Whistleblower. It was a short but powerful book. Promised myself to use Uber less. Tweeted about the same.

  • 3.00 AM: Realised it was late and I should go to sleep. But 15 mins trying to sleep, I gave up, put on my headphones, played some Youtube Music playlist, and scrolled Reddit for another hour.

  • 4.00-4.30 AM: Must have slept by then.

Note: Most days I am in office by 11.00 AM and leave by 7.00 PM. And since my girlfriend had gone home for Holi, I pretty much had the day for myself. My days are pretty much the same apart from the office hours. Maybe I would swap an hour of reading with watching Parks and Rec with my girlfriend during dinner time. I go to play football twice a week, and meet friends once or twice during the week.

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