I have read close to 600 books, at least according to Goodreads. My average rating is around 4.27. People give me a lot of shit about my high ratings. They think I rate every book 5 stars. That is maybe an exaggeration, but I do generally rate high: be it books, restaurants, service workers, and even movies on imdb.

Why? Because I generally start most things with low expectations. If I incorporate even a couple of insights from a book in my I feel it justifies me reading 300 pages of a book and giving 4 stars (if not 5).

My attitude is the same with people. I have friends who routinely crib about being let down by others. They would put some founder or VC on a pedestal and then feel sad when that person turns out to be a Modi supporter, or if they tweet something stupid. For me, if there is even a single thing I can learn from that person, I am happy. I don’t think anyone is perfect. I would rather let them be who they are, and teach me a thing or two than expect them to be perfect.

As a PM, I do rant about usability of products, but that is a different story :)