The way to find interesting things to read online is by discovering interesting people, and then going through everything they have ever written or said. Then finding people they have written about/linked to, and reading everything by these new people

A few days ago I discovered a talk by Peter Fenton on Youtube. After that I searched for all his talks Youtube, and interviews on Google Podcast

I am currently reading all editions of Firehose

Before this I was reading Venture Desktop, Alex Danco. I plan to read Dan Wang after I am done reading every edition of Firehouse

This is quite similar to my Twitter workflow

Twitter workflow: Go to the profile of someone I admire -> Read their latest tweets -> Go through their ‘Likes’ section -> Discover interesting tweets by other people -> Go to the profile of these new people -> Read their tweets -> Go to tweets they have liked -> Repeat

There is also a private list called ‘Explore’ which I have created. It is not a permanent list of People. The list is around ‘things’ I am interested in than ‘people’. At present most of the people in this list are public market investors. A few months back it used to be full VCs. Before that founders

I spend 30% of my Twitter time browsing through tweets in this list, while the rest 70% goes in the workflow mentioned above

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