Grammarly’s weekly stats mail must be one of the best email marketing content I have seen. Why?

1/ It starts with ‘vanity’ to drive a higher CTR. You feel like opening the mail to see why they called you a ‘legend’.

I know Grammarly has access to everything I have been typing for the last few days. So guess they would have some genuine insights.

Grammarly 1

2/ Once you enter they continue from the subject line. There is a strong connection between the first part of the body with the subject line.

Grammarly 2

Gives you stats which further massages your vanity.

Grammarly 3

3/ Starts talking about your streak. Brings gamification into the picture.

Grammarly 4

This is a bit meh though! Since I have the extension, everything I type on Chrome counts towards the streak.

Maybe the streak could have been turned into a challenge? Something more difficult to achieve.

4/ After vanity, they come to some sentiment analysis. For a metrics junkie like me, this was super interesting. Would I want to improve on the ‘Confident’ part? Am I lacking on the ‘Encouraging’ part?

Grammarly 5

This is similar to PlayStore’s sentiment analysis of Reviews.

5/ Then after making you feel good about yourself, telling you how you are faring, they finally come to the parts where you can be better.

Grammarly 6

Some products would put this at the top. And turn this into a scare tactic for using their Product. Not Grammarly. They are your pals.

6/ They also give you a CTA to upgrade to Grammarly Premium. But it does not come off as pushy.

Grammarly 7

They also have a hook for Grammarly Business which is their B2B product. But it is at the bottom of the email.

7/ Apps like Duolingo have become associated with aggressive tactics to boost their apps’ engagement.

Grammarly takes the opposite approach: Being your cheerleader.