Keith Rabois hates A/B testing. If you want a project approval you have to prove that it is a 10Xer Steve Jobs thought focus groups were useless and you never learn anything valuable from them. Peter Thiel wants you to build flying cars. Most VCs won’t bother if you come to them with a <1 Billion $ idea. Go big or go home. These people are maximizers. 

Then there are people who do side projects. For them earning a few 1000 $ extra is enough reward for spending those hours in the weekend. They don’t care about becoming a Billionaire in 10 years. There are people who are lean development fanatics. People who think the only way to grow is through iterations. Testing small Hypotheses. Learning fast. People who can’t seem to take a decision without running an A/B test. These are optimizers.

Which one are you?